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Navn: Erlend Nygård
Land: Norge Norway
Rase: Zerg
Lag: Team GamersLeague


Erlend "zUP" Nygård is a Norwegian Zerg player holding top master / grandmaster level.

Wings of Liberty

In his run to victory at the Mamoz.no SC2 Championship, dropping just a single map. The players he met were all qualified through the biweekly qualifiers. He met Ticon small.png Cookie in the first round. A player that later won ByLAN 2012. He then met the 2011 winner of SørLANet 2011, Picon small.png Coppii. Then also running over Zicon small.png Skruffy and finally dropping just a single map against CheesyJunk in the final, winning 3:1.

zUP was able to qualify to the SteelSeries Cup Grand Final[1], but losing 1:2 against the eventual winner Zicon small.png Snute in the first round as the only player who could take a map from Zicon small.png Snute this tournament.

zUP regularly competes in online tournaments. In a Playhem daily tournament he won[2] he beat the known player daisy and beat crane in the Final. The winner of 2012 World Championship Series: Norway Nationals, Noticimus also participated in this tournament.

Heart of the Swarm


In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-02-24 A33rd Nemean LAN 2013 1 : 2 Zicon small.png Snute 1,000 NOK
2013-02-17 A33rd BLAN 2 : 3 Ticon small.png Kare 2,000 NOK
2012-02-25 A33rd Nemean LAN 2012 4 : 0 Picon small.png nabje 2,500 NOK
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  2. http://playhem.com/tourney/21628 Playhem win by zUP