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Team BX3
Lag Informasjon
Lokasjon: Norge Norway
Daglig leder: Stein "SMW" Wilmann
Lagkaptein: Sigmund "Exciter" Stromme
Sponsor: madcatZ
Rockstar Energy
Twitter: TeamBX3
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Team BX3 is a Norwegian based international multi-gaming organization, consisting of top players from across Europe. It also includes upcoming talents and competes in the world's most rapidly growing sport segment, namely electronic sports. BX3 E-Sport Club was founded in the spring 2011 in Oslo, Norway, as an initiative to promote the Norwegian e-sport scene outside Scandinavia, alongside making an impact on and improving not only Nordic, but European e-sport in general.

Today, with offices in Oslo and Drøbak, Norway, BX3 is committed to becoming one of the major e-sport powerhouses in the world. Business areas include online community, management of professional players, and consulting and electronic exposure. BX3 E-Sport strives to become one of the major e-sport powerhouses in the world. With the help of extraordinary entrepreneurial skills, a driving passion and the interest of a growing market, our mission statement is a constant reminder of what direction BX3 E-Sport is heading.



  • March 15, Played Team Infused in the Infused Charity Showmatch Series.[1]

Player Roster

Best Yearly Result


ID Name 2012 2013
noNorge zZicon small.png King Tom-Andre Lærum Y- Y-
noNorge tTicon small.png Creamcake Tin Trung Duong Y- Y-
noNorge zZicon small.png Scyther Morten Wiik Y- Y-


ID Name 2012 2013
noNorge tTicon small.png Northbrute Tord Skotmyr Løken Y- Y-
noNorge tTicon small.png MiCroLiFe Even Haugen Y- Y-
noNorge zZicon small.png Phaqui Anders Y-
czCzech Republic zZicon small.png PikA Josef Jacko Y- H8Ro128 DreamHack


ID Name 2012 2013
seSweden pPicon small.png Loki Johannes Anttonen Y- Y-
seSweden tTicon small.png Fade Bo Valdemar Norgren G4Ro64 DreamHack H8Ro96 DreamHack
noNorge pPicon small.png Neuro Håvard Nyhus Y- Y-
noNorge tTicon small.png Natsu Mathias Torres Y- Y-
noNorge tTicon small.png Kare Marius Skoglund Y- Y-
noNorge pPicon small.png fubb Ola Ulseth Y- Y-
noNorge pPicon small.png Chi Erik Mundheim Y- Y-


ID Name New Team
seSweden tTicon small.png Duggi Oliver Näsström Retired
noNorge zZicon small.png Twimp Thomas Elvestad Retired
seSweden zZicon small.png MaddeLisk Madeleine Leander Mal:Team/esahara
noNorge pPicon small.png IMBADUDE Toan Bui ECVisualize
frFrance pPicon small.png OkSPe Vincent Teroitin Retired
noNorge tTicon small.png Fury Andreas Tornes Retired
noNorge zZicon small.png MeltZy Mattis Bjørgan Retired
noNorge pPicon small.png Nas Thomas Hugøy Retired
seSweden tTicon small.png Znow Victor Armblad Infusedicon std.png Team Infused
noNorge pPicon small.png Excludos Andreas Lagerberg Retired
noNorge zZicon small.png zUP Erlend Nygård Gllogo std.png Team GamersLeague
noNorge pPicon small.png evire Eirik Stensbøl Gllogo std.png Team GamersLeague
noNorge tTicon small.png Balder Fred Jar Mal:Team/osc
itItaly tTicon small.png Skorpio Alessandro Mortillaro Mal:Team/osc
noNorge zZicon small.png Lizalfo Jarle Haugerud Birkeland Retired
noNorge zZicon small.png Nova Synnøve S. Hammerstrøm Retired
noNorge pPicon small.png qlimax Christoffer Lange Retired
noNorge pPicon small.png Decophly Arne Undheim Retired


ID Name Position
noNorge Exciter Sigmund Stromme Team Manager
noNorge zZicon small.png King Tom-Andre Lærum Assisting Team Manager & Head-Coach
noNorge pPicon small.png fubb Ola Ulseth Assisting Team Manager


  1. Clan War - Team Infused vs Team BX3 - Imba.Tv

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