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Aposis Gaming
Lag Informasjon
Lokasjon: Norge Norway
Daglig leder: Huy "Sakamoto" Vu
Lagkaptein: Jakob "Icho" Hedenstad
Nettside: Aposis.com
Sponsor: Applicus
Twitter: AposisGaming
Oversikt spillere
Antall Spillere:


Picon small.png 4Ticon small.png 0Zicon small.png 5
Opprettet: 2010-08-15


Aposis Gaming is a Norwegian e-Sports organization formed in 2011 with a team in StarCraft II. They are one of the bigger esport teams in Norway, participating actively at tournaments and LANs.

Aposis has a goal to promote esports, and thus have hosted an official Aposis tournament on Teamliquid, with a 100$ prize and bracket maxed out with all 64 patricipants.



  • Summer, Aposis gaming is created



  • February, Aposis announces itself internationally on Teamliquid.net[1]
  • February, Aposis hosts its first international 100$ tournament through Teamliquid.net[2]
  • February, Diffe becomes the first GrandmasterMedium.png grandmaster player of Aposis, closely followed by qualitY & Plecto
  • February, Aposis arranges the SC2 WoL tournament at dfektLAN 2013[3]
  • April 16, Aposis deploys their new and improved website. [6]
  • April 28, Aposis announces their new protoss player, Shad. [7]
  • May 17, Krematoa joins Aposis as League of Legends Manager.[citation needed]
  • September 9, SolO leaves to join ROOT Gaming's academy.[8]
  • September 26, Sakamoto and Monte officially join as Aposis Gaming, Sakamoto as StarCraft 2 Manager and Monte as crew.[citation needed]
  • October 2, Prebs leaves to join ROOT Gaming's academy.[9]
  • October 7, Shad leave Aposis due to personal reasons.[citation needed]
  • October 12, Aposis signed MooN.[citation needed]
  • October 19, Aposis signed Bemnex.[citation needed]
  • October 16, Host1.no officialy sponsors Aposis.[10]
  • October 25, Aposis signed Evire.[citation needed]

Player Roster

ID Name 2013
noNorge ZZicon small.png Icho (Captain.png) Jakob Hedenstad H8Ro96 DreamHack
noNorge PPicon small.png actioN Daniel Antonsen Y-
noNorge PPicon small.png Emperor Markus Løtveit Y-
noNorge ZZicon small.png qualitY Simen Moe H8Ro96 DreamHack
noNorge PPicon small.png Diffe Øyvinn Kastnes Y-
noNorge ZZicon small.png Skruffy Vegard Tenold Y-
noNorge ZZicon small.png SolO Tobias Glenne Y-
noNorge ZZicon small.png Prebs Preben Johnsen Y-
noNorge PPicon small.png Shad Tobias Unneland Y-
noNorge PPicon small.png Evire Eirik Stensbøl Y-


ID Name Position
Norge Snow Patrick Robinsson CEO
Norge Lasion Bjørnar Fyhn Crew, SC2 caster
Norge Sløvpeis Ove Person Crew, SC2 caster
Norge Peacebreaker Asbjørn Jenstad Crew, Designer
Norge Pejyuu Marianne Holmen Webdesign

Former members

ID Name Left New Team
noNorge ZZicon small.png ToiletPaper Joakim Halgunset 2012
noNorge ZZicon small.png Celadan Jens Tallaksen January 2013
noNorge ZZicon small.png Snitchables Ruben Drange February 2013 Infusedicon std.png Team Infused
noNorge TTicon small.png Cookie Tin Trung Duong February 2013
noNorge TTicon small.png Plecto Jostein Tafjord March 2013
noNorge Yaeger Eivind Kvaale April 2013
noNorge Nirex John F Jakobsen April 2013

Team Achievements

Date Event Result Winnings
2012-12-06 Norwegian Clan League 2012 Gold.png Aposislogo.png Aposis Gaming 5 : 2 TeamBX3logo.png Team BX3 500 NOK

Player Achievements

Date Event Result Winnings
2012-11-18 NHC Norwegian Star League 2012 Silver.png Picon small.png Diffe 0 : 3 Ticon small.png Kare
2012-12-02 NM SpillExpo 2012 Bronze.png Zicon small.png Icho 1 : 3 Zicon small.png Targa 4000 NOK
Date Event Result Winnings
2013-02-10 HadeLAN Silver.png Zicon small.png qualitY 0 : 3 Zicon small.png Snute 4000 NOK
2013-02-22 Dfekt LAN Gold.png Zicon small.png qualitY 4 : 2 Zicon small.png Icho 2000 & 600 NOK
2013-03-02 GameCage Gold.png Picon small.png Emperor 3 : 0 Ticon small.png PurpleHaze 4000 NOK
2013-03-10 Drømmelan Gold.png Zicon small.png Prebs 4 : 2 Zicon small.png Icho 2000 NOK & 1000 NOK
2013-03-30 The Gathering (1v1) Gold.png Zicon small.png Prebs > Zicon small.png qualitY
2013-03-30 The Gathering (2v2) Gold.png Zicon small.png qualitYPicon small.png Diffe > Zicon small.png IchoPicon small.png Emperor


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